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We are the open innovation hub of the São Paulo State Government that connects people and organizations with the mission of solving public challenges to generate a positive impact on society. Led by the São Paulo State Economic and Government Development Departments and the State Attorney General’s Office, IdeiaGov is operated by Impact Hub and has several partners.

our goal

Support the public sector to develop innovative and technological solutions, in partnership with the society, to solve complex problems.


Enhance partnerships and the emergence of new initiatives that improve the population lives , through the residency program and IdeiaGov community.


Support the development of organizations and the implementation of technological solutions to solve public challenges through the Government Innovation and Impact Business programs.


Disseminate experiences, learnings and good practices for training and exchange of knowledge in an environment of permanent development.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

Comicality, stereotypes, prejudices and tendencies exaggerations don’t represent us. We believe that diversity of people is the best way to create collaboration and a sense of belonging.



We offer and seek INNOVATION in everything we do. We have the EXPERTISE on the theme we work with and we seek the best partners for executing each job. Having TRANSPARENCY in the processes, we make clear the terms of agreements and purchases. Above all, the program is OPEN to receive new ideas.

Governo do Estado de SP