Affordable and replicable diagnostic tests for Covid-19

Affordable and replicable diagnostic tests for Covid-19

When we analyze the diagnostic tests available in the market, we must currently deal with the delay of the results, which prevents the quick diagnosis and the adoption of a more appropriate treatment. In addition to significantly slowing the fight against the spread of the virus.

An additional problem for conducting diagnostic tests is that most tests depend on suppliers located outside the country, directly impacting on the actual production and application capacity of these tests in Brazil.


IdeiaGov’s first notice seeks to support the development of technological and innovative solutions for performing diagnostic tests for Covid – 19 that are reliable, accessible for public health programs, and can be replicated to reach as many people as possible.


  • Access to specialists from the Hospital das Clínicas, the Secretariat of Health of the State of Sao Paulo, the Institute of Technological Research of São Paulo – IPT,  and the Data Processing Company of the State of São Paulo-PRODESP,  for guidance and support in the potential implementation of pilot projects and the use of laboratory infrastructure.
  • Application of the solution in real use environments for validation in the Hospital das Clínicas and other organs, providing the ability to scale in the public health system.

Selection Criteria

The Review Committee will verify the relevance, adequacy, and merit of the proposals submitted, according to the following criteria:

  • Differentials of the solution from other technologies and options on the market;
  • Stage or degree of maturity of the solution;
  • Barriers regarding solution development and production (legal, operational, resource);
  • Estimated deadlines for the production and delivery of the product.

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