Employment Trends

Employment Trends


The IdeiaGov Program, through the cause “The Future of Work”, aims to prospect suppliers of a possible tool and methodology that base the performance of managers and public servants of the State of São Paulo so that they can identify in advance the best courses and regular vocational training to be offered in são Paulo, through a radar of opportunities that presents the trends of jobs in the short and medium term at the region level and Municipality.


Currently, the Secretariat of Economic Development of São Paulo (SDE), an institution that seeks this public consultation, has as one of its attributions the strategic orientation regarding the development of technical courses and professional qualification through the Paula Souza Center, which is an autarchy of the Government of the State of São Paulo linked to the SDE.The Paula Souza Center (CPS) lacks a tool capable of organizing data and information about the labor market in a unique, agile, transparent way that is able not only to present the historical scenario, but also to project the future of the behavior of the economic sectors with their respective demands for professional skills and competences. Examples of analysis of future scenarios are: analyze a trend of growth in job vacancies, to present unfilled vacancies from recruitment sites, to observe the growth of new technologies embedded in the industries of the regions, among others.

The labor market is undergoing profound transformations, particularly due to the automation of processes and activities. For this reason, it is in the public interest to develop a tool that allows:

  • Identify, in a clear and structured way, occupations more demanded and growing in each region and segment of the productive sector;
  • Estimate the volume of job vacancies for each of these occupations – in the short and medium term;
  • Predict occupations for the near future from related data, for example: from the sales growth of information security tools it is possible to estimate the lack of professionals in this area in a given region;
  • The most demanding skills and abilities for each occupation.All this information aims to guide the performance of the CPS and the Secretariat of Economic Development regarding its strategic management, so that the opening of courses and units is guided by updated data and rapid availability.


We hope to achieve the following results at the end of its development and deployment:

  • Development of a tool to identify and visualize job trends in the short and medium term, allowing improvement in the availability of regular vocational courses and training to be offered in the territory of São Paulo, at the level of region and municipality;
  • Development of methodology and tool capable of presenting, in a regionalized way in são Paulo, the trends of employability in the short and medium term, besides allowing the visualization of the demand for labor in a segmented way by economic sectors with the respective qualification needs and competencies to be developed;
  • Process development to update tool information over time;


With this tool it will be possible to identify future trends of employability. It will certainly be of great importance for the CPS and other entities of the public administration such as the Secretariat of Economic Development, State Universities, The Secretariat of Finance and Planning and others, as it will allow to analyze the macro and microeconomic scenario of the State and may support economic and industrial policies. In addition, it will also impact:

  • THE PAULISTA COMPANY that will now have the offer of more assertive courses with greater potential for employability for citizens;
  • THE PRODUCTIVE SECTOR that can count on skilled labor to sustain its growth, with potential productivity gain;
  • THE STATE OF SÃO PAULO that will increase the effectiveness of your investment in professional qualification;
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