More than 15 million people in Brazil are already affected by the pandemic and who are now in conditions of hunger and malnutrition. In addition, the country has already reached the sad mark of 14.6% of unemployed in Brazil.

These are some data to show that, furthermore to the uncountable lives lost until today, coronavirus has impacted many people who have been facing serious socio-economic problems. Does your business have a solution that could help mitigate the effects caused by the pandemic?

If you said yes, sign up for IdeiaGov’s Impact Business Acceleration Program and have the chance to benefit an even greater number of people by collaborating with initiatives from different industries.


The IdeiaGov Acceleration Program aims to foster social innovation through the direct support of Impact Businesses* that see, in collaboration, network work, and innovation, a path for the new reality that presents itself, aiming to ameliorate the negative impacts and face the challenges that the pandemic brought to the country, especially to the more vulnerable population.

The objective is to develop the capacity of businesses to expand their impact sustainably from collaborations and partnerships with actors from multiple sectors, with special emphasis on the public sector.


  • Theoretical and practical support
    – Individual follow-up by ideiagov team;
    – Mentoring with professionals and experts in the impact market, startups and public servants;
    – Online meetings with content, tools and practical activities.
  • Approach to the public sector
    Contact with public servants to understand the functioning of government and models of partnerships with the sector.
  • Networking
    – Connection with strategic partners and investors;
    – Connection with members of the Impact Hub and IdeiaGov network, in addition to access to the Virtual Community, where it will be possible to access content, mentoring and events on the business themes of impact, investments, social innovation and innovation in government.
  • Visibility
    – Demoday with investors and experts of the ecosystem of impact entrepreneurship and public innovation;
  • Residence
    Companies selected in the Program may choose* to use ideiagov’s coworking space, located at Av. Escola Politécnica, 82, Jaguaré, São Paulo-SP, upon prior request and forwarding documentation for access, until December 2021.
    * Important: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the space will have its functioning subjected to the rules in effect, and the opening and closing situation must be consulted even before the use.


To participate, the businesses must:

  • Be a formalized and for-profit impact business, with at least 2 participants;
  • Have an innovative solution that is directly proposed to solve an urgent and latent social or environmental problem due to the effects of the pandemic, at this time and in the near future;
  • Offer a solution aligned directly to one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • Benefit mainly the population belonging to the base of the social pyramid;
  • Have a solution that is scalable or has a scalability potential;


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